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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

I haven't had a chance to put it through it's paces yet. I have a rehearsal with my band tonight so I'll post my findings after that. I was seriously considering the carmichael throne but mainly decided to go with the Spinal G due to moto style, round thrones usually cause me issues with my legs.

The cutout channel is pretty small on the Spinal G as opposed to the large cutout on the carmichael. However the moto style seems to place you where it wants you on the throne. As for poor reviews, I don't know if I ever really even saw any reviews tell you the truth.

Just for comparison the two other thrones I have are a Pork Pie Round Throne and a Tama Ergo-Rider HYDRAULIX Cloth Top with a Back Rest.
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