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Default Re: Double Pedal Bag?

Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
Just set up your entire kit on a riser with everything fastened down. This will serve as the platform/bottom of your road case. Then have a top made (with four 'walls' and fastening clasps) with foam positioned so that nothing will move when it's all bolted shut. When you're ready to go, just take off all your cymbals and put them in a cymbal case. Close the "box", fasten it, and all you will need at that point is a fork lift and flat bed truck to move the case to and fro.
I used to do that (but I left my cymbals up) in my younger days. I also had a people to help move my kit.

I still have the platform under my home kit (now it just serves as a riser in the basement in case of 'issues').

Obviously you're being extreme, but I'm dead serious - with the wife's minivan (I'm considering getting an Econoline), I can pull up and be set up in 10 minutes, with just me.

The rack has been a god-send. I place the middle portion standing up (3 hi-toms already mounted), bring in either side (all cymbal booms in place), clamp in place, grab bass drum, floor toms, snare, put in place (I do fold up my snare legs, and hihat stand but don't collapse either - as of now - looking to rack mount the hats eventually), open throne legs.

The longest part is putting the cymbals on the right booms. I've actually started leaving my 2 splash cymbals on the center rack mount, as nothing touches them. So I'm down to placing the remaining 9 cymbals.
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