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Default Re: Thinking about a Mini Cooper

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
Parts are only expensive if you buy them from the stealership.
I hear you but about 10,000 miles ago, our Mini had a catastrophic tensioner failure which bent some valves and caused other assorted engine mayhem. I had my stack of by the book by the dealer service receipts that showed when they had replaced the tensioner and all the other $1,000s of dollars of work we had done to support they better pay for this sumbitch.

I learned that lesson orignally with a 2002 Audi A4 that had a massive engine failure due to oil sludging. The regional Audi guy was fighting paying for it until I brought in 19+ pages of receipts again by the book and by the Audi dealer to suppor tour assertion we had done everything correctly.

Overall did we save any money over buying OEM parts and having a competent, non-dealer service agent do the work then paying later for these large failures? I cannot answer that question.