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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
I used a Roc-N-Soc for years, then a Tama Ergo Rider for a couple years, then the Pearl round Roadster for the last two.
The Tama was pretty comfortable, the Pearl has been decent too.
After using a round a few years ago on a backline gig, it felt better than the tractor style, so I went back to it.
I bought a Gibraltar soft seat last year as well, and that thing has been sitting. I'm selling it now. I've never tried the split Gibraltar tractor style seat.

Like the tractor style, where it puts you in a good spot on the seat automatically, similar to the front of a round, the Charmicael does the same thing. There is no leg movement restriction AT ALL on this seat.

I can't say I have any back "issues" either, no pain, but something hasn't seemed "right" on anything for a while.

One height will be OK for a bit, then I'd have to change it because there's "something" I guess there is SOME KIND of issue :-)

This Charmichael seat top is something else. The size of it is bigger than usual seats, and it's perfect. I'm siting on it, and it feels like I'm sitting straighter naturally without thinking about it.

THANK YOU LES for posting about this seat.

As Les has stated, it's pretty crazy the change in feel. I'm sitting on it at work, and now I want the dang thing for my desk at work. I don't have the bucks for that right now, so I may have to put something together that's similar for my computer chair.

If you have back pain, or something is not right sitting on anything you are trying out, then this seat is probably going to correct it. The size of the it is great, and the foam is very supportive. No sag in, but not hard feeling.

IMO, it's easily worth the money the top costs. I'm stoked that I got this seat.

Yeah, you don't need to have back issues to benefit from a CARMICHAEL throne, tho all drummers do have back issues, there's no way way around it. Its a matter of the mind minimizing the issues b/c there's no remedy till now. Its a losing battle if your disks just keep getting compressed.

Traditional seating causes the spinal disks to compress, there's no way around it. If you sit at a desk for a living, a CARMICHAEL is a must/no brainer. At least KarlCrafton can take his drum stool in to work.

This throne is still in its infancy, there's no way if you sat/gigged on one you wouldn't want it.

Every time I leave the kit Im blown away w/the CARMICHAEL, blown away and happy... and I look fwd to playing/sitting on it again. My back isn't saying "No" anymore.

The CARMICHAEL 'is' that good, haven't been able to crow about any piece of gear like that b/f. This isn't a subjective issue, its a direct impact on your health.

The AHEAD SPINAL G hasn't gotten good reviews, its cheaper, tho the design incorporates springs, for what reason I don't know, and the gap is too small. Im curious to hear about BertTheDrummer's experience w/it. Again the designer is a chiropractor, not a drummer. He licensed the design to AHEAD.
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