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Default Re: can a better pedal improve my technique?

Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
Dude... you need to stop over-tightening all the screws on your kit. They just need to be firm, not torqued to insanity. That connecting rod never needs to have those screws loosened/tightened once you've set it for the proper size/width. You just need to fasten the bolts where it attaches to each pedal.

I bet you crank the $hit out of your cymbal stands and tom mounts too. Your poor drums...
I do. But I blame Slingerland for this. My very first kit was about 25 years old when I got it 30 years ago. Nothing stayed where it needed to, and I started adjusting tighter, and tighter, until it just fell (ball joints, extension arms, everything...).

And when I've broken screws, it's because I'm using some new wrench or gizmo that supposedly makes things easier... I've found that nothing replaces the old T-key. Definitely a lot more sensitive for tuning and tightening.

It's the little things...

*edit: But now that I recall - the connecting bar had to be collapsed, because it didn't fit into the case. So I had to remove the bar from both pedals, and then again loosen (or remove) the screws to collapse the connecting bar so it fit inside the case.
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