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Default Martin Lopez... revisited

Hi all, first time posting here.

I'm not a drummer at all, I'm actually a guitarist. However, I often find myself focusing on (good) drummers when listening to music. This has especially become the case since getting into Opeth a few years ago. I know there are other Martin Lopez threads already on this board, but I wanted to start a new one and hopefully bring this amazing drummer back to the forefront.

His drumming is just mind blowing IMHO. He's not the most technically proficient, nor is he the fastest, but he has impeccable taste and feeling... his sense of groove is second to none. His dynamic control is insane. He can play with fierce aggression, and then just like that, sit back and fall into a groove that's spiked with apparent Latin influence. He is so tasteful, I've literally *never* heard him overplay on a single song. Amazing use of cymbals, and although he often uses a double paradiddle (usually with ghost notes) pattern, it always seems to fit the music perfectly. Honestly, I could go on and on.

I would imagine most 'older' (i.e. my age, mid 30's) drummers aren't aware of him, which is a shame. I can't imagine any drummer not appreciating this guy's skill. I hope this thread serves to pique the interest of those drummers who aren't familiar with him. I would imagine his fluid style will inspire you. And, as if his work with Opeth wasn't already amazing, his most recent work with Soen showcases even more what he can really do, without the death metal sound. I'd be happy to post up some shining examples (as hard as that would be, since all his stuff is so good) if anybody's interested.
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