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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

Originally Posted by Stu_Strib
6 years. I liked it, since it was the only place within 300 miles that was unlike the rest of the Deep South. Very progressive (for the south) and very weird! The weather sucks in the summer (too humid!), but it is nice in spring and winter!

People complain that the US is such a polluter. I would say that Cairo pollutes more than the entire US! (Has anyone ever seen a dirtier river?)
Yeah, Savannah's a wierd place - like New Orleans in a lot of ways. Lots of ghosts - "Midnight in the Garden..." and all that. Stunning architecture in the older parts. The humidity there is even worse than Atlanta, and in the deep summer you can almost cut it with a knife here. Spring's nice but too short as is Autumn. Summer seems to last forever. Progressive's great, but the explosive growth of Atlanta in the last two decades has created a real mess - urban sprawl, millions of cars and a rapid transit system that's a joke. Too little too late. Pollution has become a critical problem in the last few years. Not quite up there with L.A., but it won't be long, unfortunately.

I agree that Cairo is pretty nasty and the pollution much worse than anything we see in the states (and that's really bad!). No controls (or cat converters) to speak of. I was amazed how there's virtually no traffic signs or lights and the cars just swirve in and out honking wildly the whole time. One local guy told me that the horn is the way a driver senses the position of the car in relation to other vehicles. And pedestrians just walk out into the street without thinking and the cars just go around them. One ride, I thought we were going hit at least six people. Only saw one "fender bender'" the whole time.
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