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Default Re: Videos of my two setups - Pearl Reference, Corder / Fibes, Paiste, and Zildjian

Great videos Sarge. Don't know why this thread isn't getting any love. Personally I dig the hell out of all your videos, its like I get to vicariously get new toys and pretend that I grew a sweet moustache/goatee while I play them.

I'm pretty surprised how well that 10" tom sounds with the 16" on the Fibes kit. I have all sorts of trouble getting the 12" and the 16" to sound cohesive on my kit. Do you find the volume/wash of the 24" GB to be overpowering? You were really playing with a lighter touch andit seemed to stay at a nice spot in the mix.

Also, I have been wondering for some time, are you actually a Sgt or is that just a stage name?
Classy grip all day.
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