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Default Re: Double Pedal Bag?

Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
Why do you find it so objectionable to break them down for transport? All settings will be as they were once you set them up again. Just use the case that they're supplied with.
#1 I'm lazy as hell.
#2 I've had bad luck with double pedals in the past, with the screws either breaking from excessive tightening (my fault), or just getting old (these aren't exactly heavy duty lugs)
#3 The beaters take some additional time to put in, and have at the right degree (facing left to right, not up or down - that is fixed with the memory lock).
#4 I have had issues not getting the middle connecting bar set right exactly every time.

I can get my kit from the back of a vehicle to set up in about 10 minutes. I accomplish this because of minimal tear down (takes up more space when packed, though).

The only thing I 'put away' are the cymbals.
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