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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
That sounds like fun - enjoy!

He's a part-bred Dales. If you aren't familiar with native British ponies, Dales are usually black but Charlie's dad is blue roan. His mum is a coloured logging pony, and he was bred (so I'm told) to make a nice-looking, well-made little horse with a very laid-back attitude. Seems to have worked. He has a very typical Dales head, neat and delicate with a white stripe.

Here's the rest of him, the day he arrived at mine last year. Doing what he does best :)

I have a fondness for animals,especially horses..and that is just one beautiful animal.

I've never had the time or money to own one,so I've just ridden was available at different riding academys,which is hit an miss at best.

Remember I live in Staten Island,so keeping a horse is super expensive,and the're very limited trails to ride.

You must be very proud to own horse that beautiful.Cheers

Steve B
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