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Default Re: Thinking about a Mini Cooper

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
Ive always heard that you get the best mileage from premium so the cost difference evens out. all it would take is my wife finding out for me to be a dead man though! Im leaning towards this clubman s model I see online, I may give it a test drive. The drum space is certainly pushing me towards one.
You're in the UK, right Hyde?

Well our 'regular' is actually the US equivalent of premium. It has a higher octane rating (87 in the US is regular, in the UK it's 95 (I think)) so there's no problem running it with regular UK petrol.

My mother has had a Clubman since 2009. Hers is a diesel. It's a very nice car with one or two drawbacks. Firstly, with the way the boot opens, there is a line that reduces visibility in the middle - it's not a major issue just one to consider if you're going to be parallel parking a lot. Secondly, I'm not the biggest fan of its gearbox - it's not quite as positive as an Audi (or even my Ford) but it's still quite good. I'm assuming a manual if you're in the UK. Also, it's an 'actual' four-door car. Two doors for the front, one for the back and then the boot doors. The door at the back is on the right hand side and opens 'forward', so in the UK it's in the middle of the road - just something to remember if you have kids. My mother calls it the 'suicide door' but it's never caused us any difficulties.

It's comfortable, gets good mileage and is nippy - even though it's a diesel. I like it very much. The Clubman does have very good luggage carrying ability but it is no way a 'small' car like the old Minis were. It's been very reliable for her so far (fingers crossed) and has had good dealer support.

I prefer my Fiesta but that's a personal choice. In 'objective' terms, her Clubman is probably a better car than mine.