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Default Re: can a better pedal improve my technique?

I think a better quality pedal that's adjusted properly to work with your foot makes things easier to pull off, but ultimately it all comes down to the skill of the player. I can play what I can play on almost any pedal, but I find that I have an easier time on certain pedals. For instance, I have an 11 year old IC that works well, and it has been a durable workhorse for countless gigs. I don't feel like its holding me back, BUT, everytime I mess around with a Pearl Eliminator, I find it easier to pull off quick doubles and triples. I feel like it gets out of my way a little better than the IC (which is why I'm about to break down and buy one). I guess I'm not really on one side of the debate or the other lol. Its the skill of the player, no question, but a good pedal that fits your style of playing will make what you can do already easier to pull off, IMHO.
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