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Default Re: can a better pedal improve my technique?

Originally Posted by simmsdn View Post
My take is different than most...nice, high quality and functional equipment will make you play better. You will want to play more and you will not get frustrated as easily when you know you're playing a high end instrument or accessory. The less frustration, the more practice, the more you can focus on improving.

To say the old timers didn't have good equipment is a farce. They didn't play Speed Cobras or DW9000s, but they played the absolute best available at the time...most in the 70s-80s played a Speed King, which is still available today and those pedals made back in the day still function quite well in the 21st century.

I will always defer to improving your equipment when you believe it will take your game to the next level...I don't care if it's drums, guitar, golf clubs, hockey skates...I've played bargain level products and I've played high end in everything I do...that stuff is high end for a reason.
I tend to agree with this. At least for me, I tend to do better when I have confidence that I have good quality gear. Then when I get stuck on something, it removes any doubt that my technique is the roadblock, not my instrument or equipment. That motivates me to work harder, and not get as frustrated with my difficulties. In addition to that, good equipment is generally more enjoyable to play on, because it sounds better, looks better, and feels better.

I've learned from my experiences over the years that when I buy a musical instrument, piece of electronics, tools, etc, I buy the absolute best I can afford, even if it means cutting back on my beer budget or whatever for a couple of months. I've never regretted spending too much on those things, but I've often regretted spending too little.
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