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Default Re: The Blue Man Group

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
I saw Blue Man a few years ago and loved the show and music. Great playing and production, and apparently not much sequencing or tracks, the 3 guys and the band are doing the bulk of the playing.
I worked (as venue audio tech) on a show by one of the touring groups a few months ago. They are playing live, but are following a click track to stay synced with the video that makes up much of the show.

It runs like most Broadway tours do: Their stage manager gives the cue for the show to start, their techs push a couple of buttons, then they step back and babysit the gear from that point on.

It is an awesome show. I was lucky enough to see it three times in a row, and it doesn't get old. Some of the lighting/inflatables technology they are using is incredible. The live band is wicked (drummer, percussionist, Stick/bassist, and guitarist who also plays some odd homemade autoharp thing). Plus all of the custom PVC percussion is heavily miced, and when you see the show that's what you are actually hearing.

(Bermuda will be in my venue in October. I can't wait.)
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