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Default Re: Thinking about a Mini Cooper

Ahh, finally a thread I can weigh-in on and speak from experience!

We bought a 2007 Mini Cooper S new and have put 90,000 miles on since, using it primarily as a daily driver. My wife and I work at the same company and thus can share the car for our 45 mile round trip commute of mostly busy interstate driving.

The car has phenomenal handling and is pretty fast, making it a great tool for dicing through rush hour traffic. It is plenty roomy for we two and has gerat capacity in the rear hatch area with the rear seats folded down. We average around 30-31 mpg but the engine prefers premium so that needs to be considered.

All this said, it is the most expensive car I have ever owned to maintain and I have two Porsches for comparison pruposes. The pats are expensive, the labor is expensive and there has been a long list of parts that failed prematurely early. Mini USA has picked up some of the tab but not all.

The 2007 models have been noted now for being very unreliable as this was the first year with the turbo engine as opposed to the supercharged engine before that.

My recommendation would be guarded. I would stay away from 2007 model year and before Minis and if I had to buy used, would get one with an extended warranty.

Let me know if more detail is needed and good luck!