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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

That's funny. I figured if it was lower than a new one with shipping I'd stay in.
I got it today, and had my seat for a rehearsal tonight, so it worked out kinda cool.
It was actually scheduled to arrive tomorrow!

The seller has other stuff for sale, so if you are interested in any of it, he packed the seat top really well, and got it out quickly. It's in perfect "new" condition too.


Sitting on it is very "freeing" feeling. Immediate difference in feel from my other seats that felt comfortable. Just trying it out away from the kit, moving my arms around "air drumming" was a lot different feeling.
The foam is very sturdy and there's no sink in feeling at all. Just great feeling support.
I am VERY impressed.

If anyone is thinking about one of these, it's worth the $165 bucks easy.

It's crazy how much difference I felt in such a short time.

My office chair feels like crap now :-(
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