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Default Re: Axis e-kit vs Trick laser trigger

I've broken an ekit hammer before. but they are relatively cheap.. its not the trigger its self, and you can order a few extras to have on hand... it also took several years of playing to break one of them.

I LOVE my axis pedals, but the exits are a beast of their own. they worked amazing for me for a while, but now im back to my ddrum. if your moving your pedals around a ton to different kits they become a pain trying to get the timing right.. (its really not that bad) but im lazy.

also. if your left beater rests on the bass skin. the hammer is sitting on the trigger. causes for some unwanted triggers. (you have to have correct technique for them to work)

other than that they were accurate and didn't require a bassdrum full of pillows which was nice.
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