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Default Re: New Yamaha Live Custom Oak Set - Video and Initial Thoughts...

Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Toms sound a little floppy to me. Dont sell the reference kit. The Oak Custom finish looks very road proof, durable, would hide road rash easy.
Yeah, floppy to me too.

As far as features and sizes, this kit is where it's at for me right now. It's exactly what I wanted. As far as tone, it sounds huge and is very loud. I just need to spend more time with it and get it dialed in properly.

I just said this in my previous post, but I'm used to maple and the wood combinations used in the Reference set. I'm not used to Oak and they sound alot different, which is probably throwing me off a little. This oak kit sounds great, even if I didn't capture it well in this video. It's just different and I think it will be perfect for my hard/alternative rock band.
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