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Default Yamaha B Stock Good Deal or Not Worth the Savings

I am looking to get back into drumming after many years away. I am considering the Yamaha DTX450K. I can save $140 if I order a B Stock versus new. What are peoples experiences with Yamaha B Stock? Have they been mainly functionally like new but with production nicks/dings; scuffs and minor wear from demo units, open box returns that can't be sold as new, or the malfunctioning unit that needed to be taken back and repaired and the problem "fixed." Are Yamaha B Stock units similar to Apples (computers) refurb program where they are solid computers that were returned and can't be sold as new, and occasionally one that needed repairs and is functioning like new but are sold at a slightly discounted price? I am all for saving money especially as the is my reentry kit, the set's cosmetics aren't so important as longs as it works properly. But if the money saved is going to be offset by frustration from a misbehaving e-drum kit, I will pay to get the set new.

Thank you in advance for your time and answers,

Chris D
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