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Originally Posted by MaryO View Post
The HH work was stupid good :)

Every Tuesday night, the BF and I go to our local bar/hangout for bike night. They've got the best jukebox in town which includes selections by Mr. Roach. I always play at least one :) This was a great lead in to my Tuesday night!
Wow Mary, I never took you as a Max fan. I know you're listening to the right stuff!

YouTube also has the entire concert posted where this solo was taken from and the band's first tune was just stupid fast. Max even introduced it that back when he played with Parker and Gillespie, among others, they would always play the fastest song first. And you think Will Kennedy with the Yellowjackets are on speed? Max's band was absolutely flying for the first number of the night! And there's Mr. Roach, looking proper in that suit, not even breaking a sweat! Incredible ;)
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