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Default Re: Looking for great maple snare for studio. Rock, pop, country.

Originally Posted by James Lugo View Post
Oh man thanks for the welcome Neal, it's good to be here. I'm very into learning about drums, heads and tuning and have been reading and experimenting quite a bit the past few years. I will check out the tension on the bottom of the drums. Again thanks for the post man.

Excellent! You will find the folks here to be quite knowledgable and helpful with all things drums. Lots of good tips. Vintage to modern. By far the best drum corner on the net.

I highly recommend you check out Keep it Simple (Andy's) posts on this forum for all things relating to sound physics and drums - different woods, bearing edges, construction methods,etc. He has literally done it all - and has a high end boutique drum company to show for it...Guru Drums.

If you're gonna keep going with snares (it's an addiction, I have about 20, still going) you owe it to check out stave and single ply steam bent construction drums, including Andy's.

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