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Default Re: Hearing protection?

Originally Posted by BigDinSD View Post
If your headphones cancel out enough exterior sound where you don't have to turn them up too loud to play along, then you should be able to take out the earplugs.

It depends on how effective your headphones are to the background noise. Just make sure you don't turn the volume up too loud if they are not that effective.

I do almost the same thing when I play along or record a cover. I use in ear monitors (ear plug type) and then cover those with shooting range ear muffs. In your case, if you're nothing is mic'd, you'll want to hear your drumming as well.
Noise-cancelling headphones are not very good at handling transient noises, like drums. They are best at eliminating more constant background noises, like a running lawnmower, jet engines, road noise, etc. They just don't react quickly enough to cancel out quick, loud noises.
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