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Default Re: Solo in the Style of Roy Haynes

Originally Posted by camcoman View Post

Great stuff, wonderful technique, I only wish I could play that smoothly while reading. What is the name of the book and who is the author / teacher?
Thanks camcoman! The name of the book is: Modern Jazz Solos For Drum Set, by Rich Thompson. A gifted teacher and equally amazing player. Out of pure respect for him, I hate to associate my name with his as Im much less the player than the normal quality of students he produces.

Originally Posted by brady View Post
You actually studied the first book with him? Is there a particular approach that he had to learning to solos other than just breaking them down a piece at a time?

Anything you can share regarding his teaching would be great.
Yes, I studied with him at the ESM only for about 2 years though. Many major life changes started at that point (basically with the aging and eventually passing of my parents) which demanded all of my time outside of work thereby eliminating any available practice time.

Hes an amazing player and teacher. The things he taught me then I still hold and work on today. Breaking them down to get the technical aspect together, but then really honing in on the feel and trying to make it all effortless. Much deeper than a reading exercise.
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