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Default New Yamaha Live Custom Oak Set - Video and Initial Thoughts...

EDIT - Just made a second video here >

Took a trip to Nashville, TN recently and had an absolute fantastic time at Fork's Drum Closet trying out and buying this kit. I watched it on the web for a few weeks before making the trip, so I was really curious to check this out.

You can see my post about the visit here >

Here's a video I just made last night >

The main things that interested me about this particular drum set are:

- 14" x 22" bass drum (my favorite size)
- Rack tom mounts to bass drum (for convenience)
- Marketed as having more volume for live use
- Yamaha reputation
- The cool black wood finish

I've only had this set for a week and have used it at home a few times and at band rehearsal once. I'm still getting to know it, but my opinion of it is very positive so far. The stock heads are fantastic, but I've been enjoying different heads recently and wanted to set this kit up the way I like. So I put clear Ambassadors on the tom batter sides (stock clear Ambassador on the reso sides), an Aquarian SuperKick 1 on the bass drum batter, coated Ambassador on the bass drum reso, installed an Evans pillow, and a KickPort.

This video really doesn't do this set justice. This bass drum is easily the best sounding and most powerful bass drum I've owned or heard! I really wish you guys could hear it in person. You'd probably smile from ear to ear. No joke. I'm also mic'ing it with a Shure SM57, so that has something to do with not capturing the full effect.

I've been through the kit and have only found one thing wrong. One of the wingnuts for the floor tom leg brackets isn't smooth, like it wasn't fully sanded down and finished at the factory. The other wingnuts, tension rods, lugs, etc... are all perfect.

The black paint on the inside of the shells looks much cooler than I thought and the black "wood" finish on the outside is REALLY cool (my opinion of course.) I don't like flat/matte finishes, but this one has a semi-gloss to it. It looks really nice to me and even the band members commented on that.

Overall, this set is definitely louder than others I've owned. The rack tom really cuts through and as I already mentioned, the bass drum is ridiculously good. The tom mount works perfectly and is easy to get the tom into a comfortable position. The bass drum tom receiver also looks much nicer than the previous Yamaha versions (much more sleek.)

The bass drum hoops are more flexible than I'm used to from previous sets. You have to pay attention when you're replacing the bass drum heads to make sure the hoops are on straight and even.

The stock black front bass drum head with the newer style logo looked fine, but I'm a sucker for white bass drum heads and I wanted the "older" Yamaha logo. I think it looks killer myself.

I can't think of anything else to say right this second, but please feel free to ask questions.

PS - I'm not a great player, so don't expect lots of tricks and technique. :)
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