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Default Re: Black coated heads...

Originally Posted by keepitgreen View Post
So with the black chrome and onyx heads that Evans makes, what happens to the black color over time? I'm genuinely curious, because with this Aquarian head, the sticks are changing the black to a dull grey color.

Again, I don't really care that much about the color change if the sound is right (which it is!), but I did choose black over white because of the look. If the Evans heads are more durable and retain their black color for a longer time, I'd definitely try it out!

What's the Evans equivalent to the Aquarian Hi-Velocity?
In the case of the Black Chromes, the black doesn't change, because it's the bottom of two plies. Stick marks will show on the top ply, but the black doesn't fade, nor does it transfer. The black film of the Onyx heads won't likely fade, though stick marks will show on the frost coating.

Regarding something similar to the Hi-Velocity, I would recommend the Evans ST for snare. As for toms, the Onyx series or G2's are your best bet.

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