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Default Re: Solo in the Style of Roy Haynes

Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
D. My mother*****r. You know how I feel about your playing, and this is no exception. Just beautiful, man.
8 - Thank you so much! I really truly appreciate the kind words.

Originally Posted by Numberless View Post
i saw this when it was first posted but it was locked before i had a chance to comment on it, good to see it back up because this is some seriously good stuff, as expected of dmacc, what a swinging solo! i also love the sound of that bospho ride.
Thanks William! I took it down originally because something squirrelly happened to the link on YT. Had to correct it. It was up for such a short time I really didnít know if anyone had a chance to check it out. That Bosp. Ride on my right is so thin itís incredible. Like the Agops, those are a joy to play.

Originally Posted by renardvert View Post
This is very cool. Makes me want to check that book that I had never heard of. Beautiful cymbal sound as well. Congrats!
Thanks for watching! Again, those particular Bosphorus cymbals are relatively new and are pretty thin for their line which makes them perfect for playing this style of music.

The book is a great one and Iím just now making my way through it. Just glancing at the solos, they appear to the eye as not too difficult since thereís not a gazillion notes. Though, once you try to play them, there are spots in each of them that make them incredibly challenging Ė at least to me.

Originally Posted by brady View Post
Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!!

Great solo, man!

I think I need to check out that book. I actually have his other one with a Sid Catlett etude, Max, Art, Elvin, Tony, and a few others. I really need to dig that out...
Thanks Brady! Yes, I actually went through the book you are referring to with him. I continue to work on the Tony solo at various periods. I donít have the left foot speed demanded in that one. Very hard for me to do. This new one of his is a gem as well. To me it's more difficult than the first book.

Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Oh that was fab, I loved it - especially the bit on the snare and hi-hat at about 1:05. Beautiful ripply sound.
Thank you for watching and the comments. That part is all true Roy Haynes. He had a unique and amazing way of using the hi-hats.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
David, it sounded good to my untrained ears ... strong flow, chops and tone production as always.
Thanks Grea! I always appreciate you still taking the time to watch and provide feedback.
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