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Originally Posted by aydee View Post
Was Andy teaching you how to convert a samba groove into power rock ??

Well, I hope you settle down soon. Someday when Im forced to fly BA instead of Lufthansa and find myself in a godawful place called Heathrow, I shall seek you lads out. Andy's promised me some fine wine.
Andy's always using pseudo latin beats in a rock setting - why not? It suites my "fake it & cheat" style perfectly :)

Abe, as you & I both know, there's much worse airports than Heathrow. Fine wine is indeed promised!

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Back update: physio + the exercises given have helped tons. Good old western medicine with no bone crackin' new age treatments. I've gone berserk and booked business class to ensure that the flights won't be torture sessions. That will be my life savings gone and I shall be forced to live on the streets on my return to Australia. To survive I'll be forced to offer to busk Ravel's Bolero, Jingo Ba La and In the Air Tonight on bongos for spare change. But it'll all be worth it to meet you guys!
Great news on the back Grea :) Holy crap! Business class from Oz - jeez, you could buy a new Guru kit for less (oh, you already have ;)

Originally Posted by aydee View Post
The main attraction would be to meet the denizens of DW in person! Andy, Henri, that man with the double barreled shotgun on his shoulder, Jonny Sumo and the others...You would be an amazing bonus, because Oz is one place that never seems to be on my iten..
Make it happen Abe. I know you can, if you really want to :)

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
I've been told that sometimes bulging discs have no symptoms at all for years and then can flare up. It feels like there'll be a bit of luck involved (one way or another) but I can keep doing physio and the stretches.
It's just a new way of existing Grea. You get used to being dealt a bad one from time to time. My days of jumping from the top of the wardrobe in a crotchless spiderman outfit are long behind me ;) ;) ;)
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