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Default Re: Where Have You Lived?

Originally Posted by Loge

How long in Savannah? Like it? Still might go to Augusta? Beautiful city.
6 years. I liked it, since it was the only place within 300 miles that was unlike the rest of the Deep South. Very progressive (for the south) and very weird! The weather sucks in the summer (too humid!), but it is nice in spring and winter!

Egypt was an eye-opener (or eye-sore you could say). I got to stay at all the 5 star hotels in Giza for awhile, but the other 6 months I lived in a tent in the desert (Yay Army!) I spent every day in town though, and really learned to hate traffic and pollution.

People complain that the US is such a polluter. I would say that Cairo pollutes more than the entire US! (Has anyone ever seen a dirtier river?)
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