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Default Re: Wrong sized drum head.

Originally Posted by Eleven View Post
Long story short, I ordered an Evans EC2 prepack (buy 3 get one free) saw two ads priced slightly different, one being $49, the other being $50. I ordered the cheaper one thinking I was saving something, received the order today and as it turns out 1 of the 4 drum heads is the wrong size. I need 10, 12, 14, 16 and I got a 13 in place of the 14.

It was my fault, and quite honestly don't want to wait for them to return, refund, reorder and ship out again.

What should/can I do with the 13? Since I don't need it and do need the 14.

Go to Guitar Center or wherever you go, tell them a bizarre story how you lost your receipt and try to exchange it for a 14. It might cost you a couple dollars for the bigger size. Of course it is being dishonest, and I probably would not do this myself. FYI.
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