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Default Re: Picked up some ATLAS mounts and other goodies.

That looks great. awesome kit!

I got an Atlas mount for my cowbell. Puts it in the perfect spot!
I was going to get the mount, and the Anchor spurs on my new bass drum, but with just one, it has to go in the corner of the case, the others would stick out way too far to fit the 26" case, and I'm not going bigger on that case. I was gonna run my ride off of them too. Oh well.

I'm getting another mount for my floor tom though. I sometimes fly a 20" crash off the 18's leg, and it will be easier, faster setting up, and more sturdy coming off of an Atlas mount than the leg.
Never had any hint of tipping doing it off the leg Bo. I've run it that way off and on for years.

The mount is awesome, and the washers were even beefier than I thought they would be too. You could run a 10x14" tom off one of these Atlas mounts easy.
Supper easy to install. There are two sizes of gaskets depending on your shell thickness, and it's bolted on with nylon ended nuts. Super secure.

Even though I can only use one on my bass drum, I think this thing is great.
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