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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

Originally Posted by JustJames View Post
Al, what were your favourite and least favourite Rocky Horror songs to play?
First off, we were using the 2001 Broadway soundtrack as our reference. So this will influence my answers.

Favorites included the "Overture/Science Fiction" (Because it always got the show started with a kick), "Sweet Transvestite" and "Frankenstein Place" as good, rocking, mid-tempo songs, especially "Sweet" because we got to funk it up ... about halfway through the run, we started doing the second verse ("Let me show you around/maybe play you a sound/you look like you're both pretty groovy") as a disco groove. "Floor Show" and "I'm Coming Home" from the second act. And towards the end, "Spaceship" and "Super Heroes" have a couple of spots where I was actually encouraged to overplay a little ;)

Least favorites included "Sword of Damocles" which involved a mallet-to-stick switch coming out of the creation sequence which made it difficult to nail the tempo; "Eddie's Teddy" with the "What a guy/Makes you cry/Und I did" at the end, which the actors sometimes rushed. "Planet Schmanet" we ended up almost playing as a pianissimo ostinato vamp. It was not easy to get that to groove. Also, "Time Warp" needs to be the fastest song in the show, but it's nearly six minutes long... very tiring and requires incredible focus. And then right after that, with your heart doing 160 bpm, you need to slow it down for "Sweet Transvestite" - very challenging. But those "least favorites" are all relative -- it's a great show and there's no real clunkers in the set.
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