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Default Re: Striking the Hi Hat

I think I've only ever seen one drummer play the hats with the same glancing motion so often associated with proper crashing technique, and that would be Ringo.

I'm a little outside of the mainstream on proper cymbal technique, strictly speaking. In my opinion, ham-fisted noob drummers notwithstanding, cymbals are "meant" to be played in whatever way moves you and produces the sound you want. This is especially true for HH cymbals. For example, if you like your top cymbal tight for better control (and you said that's not you), but if you also want to crash them with heavy quarters for the heavy parts, then you need to make friends with the idea that a top's going to crack occasionally.

I've cracked 3 tops over the last 30 some odd years and for what I do, I don't think that's excessive, but that's just me. Hats are a different animal as I see them.
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