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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Because of Les' comments & high opinion of the Charmichael seat, I bid, and won a seat top on eBay.

I did a "test" with a couple pieces of thick material at work on a seat, just to see what it would be like and it was pretty "freeing" feeling--even with the ganky way I set it up.

I should get it by Thursday in FedEx, and will try it out on my gig Friday night (opening for Vince Neil).
Thats funny because I think I was bidding against you. I bailed on the auction because I found that I could use my old Girbaltar mount and buy the Seat top only from Carmichael.

Let us know how you like it.
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