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Default Re: My DW collectors 14"x6.5 Birch

Originally Posted by techlock View Post
sorry the last one is my also new Gibraltar "Lightning Rod" hi hat stand.. lightweight and with a unique hi hat Rod height adjustment, which means it telescopes so low that it will fit in ANY hardware bag, this is one cool stand!
Holy crap, i just looked that up, it looks awesome! That's always been one thing that annoyed me about hi-hat stands... that I had to extend it fully to store it properly so that the rod wouldn't bend. So that's a GREAT idea, a hi-hat stand that really collapses. I should try to nab myself one of those so that I could fit it in a smaller bag which would really change the way I would be able to pack stuff up. (I currently can't play my drums nor am I in a playing situation but damn that's still something to look forward to when I can!)

Nice Snare too, btw, haha =)
A. Giampa
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