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Default Re: Looking for great maple snare for studio. Rock, pop, country.

I've turned into one of those crazy forum people who reply to their own posts! :) Ok so we did some recording, the Gretsch was beautiful, the Pearl was horrible. Just to many funky overtones, to hard to deal with in a critical recording situation. So I returned it and went down to a local drum shop and was snooping around, asked the guy about a snare that could kind of round off the studio collection, maybe a maple. He showed me the maple snares, meh. Nothing really grabbed me, then he said everyone's favorite snare drum in the place was a Tama King Beat 5.5x14 steel snare. It was actually set up on a stand, he started to play it, I instantly fell in love. What an awesome snare. $199 with die cast hoops. Took it to the studio and threw it on the stand and started recording. Seriously one of the best snare drums I've ever recorded. Just perfect, even with the old ass head that came with it. We did a few different passes changing up the tension on the interior dampener, ever setting sounded fantastic. Just a great drum.
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