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Default Re: Got a theater gig for this summer... looks like fun!

Originally Posted by Anduin View Post
Sounds like a great gig all around.

And the t-shirt is excellent! (Let’s just not ask about the “Describe your balls” comment on it.)
That's a callback line. If you are not familiar with "Rocky Horror", the script is a parody of the awkward, overwrought dialogue and situations common in 50's and 60's science-fiction "B" movies. In similar fashion to "Mystery Science Theater 3000", audience members yell out sarcastic comebacks to this cheesy dialogue -- except, given the risque nature of the story, they tend towards the profane and obscene =)

NARRATOR: It's true, that the storm clouds that night were --- (pauses)
CALLBACK: Describe your balls!
NARRATOR -- heavy, black, and pendulous, and towards which they were heading.

Several versions of the callback script exist. (See this link for an example.) Rather than rely on the audience to provide all the callbacks, our production had a couple of cast members playing audience members, seated strategically to "heckle" the performing cast members. As such, you can see quite a few of these callback lines on the shirt.
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