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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
I take it you're a horsey type, longgun?
My family raised / bred horses for years, but that all went away when my Grandfather passed when I was a toddler. Wish I knew more, but nowadays, they are extremely expensive "toys" that require more time than I have...............One day..........

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
I'm actually getting ready to call a lawyer in a few minutes. I've already spoken with one, and he referred one to me that I should get in contact with. The one I spoke with did say that since we have done nothing to be in default with our lease, he cannot default on the lease and kick us out.

I really did not want to have to go the legal route, but after numerous attempts to get this straightened out with both the landlord and the owners, I have been left with no other choice. My wife and daughter don't deserve to be victims of this stupidity and ridiculousness, and I refuse to stand by while he attempts to put us out on the street.
Stinks that it had to come down to that.......................good luck and hopefully everything works out.
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