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Default Hello! I've started a beginner drum blog

Hello everybody.
Pleasure to meet you!

Let me start by saying that the Drummerworld forums have already been a huge help to me. The amount of info here is overwhelming and I can't wait to spend more time sifting through it. There is an answer here for every single drum question I've searched online since I've started learning. I'm also very impressed by the positivity and support of the community.

I've been meaning to join Drummerworld for a while now, and am excited to have finally done it. I started playing last November. After trying lots of other instruments over the years (piano, violin, french horn, clarinet, flute, recorder, guitar, etc etc) I've finally found one that works for me. There are some things that are tricky about learning an new instrument as an adult (I'm in my mid-30s) but at least now I actually practice!

The experience of other beginner drummers is very interesting to me - what people are working on, find to be helpful, struggles, etc. I started a blog about my own experience ( and I'd love some feedback and discussion from other drummers, new and experienced.
So check it out and lets talk!

:) Leanne
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