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Default Re: can a better pedal improve my technique?

In my opinion the pedal shouldn't have an effect on how you play..

Of course, if the pedal is broken or rusty so it's not working then it's obvious that you can't improve.

But, I have played on a lot of pedals actually, some very high end pedals and some very cheap pedals for like 10 bugs.
In the first years when I started playing drums my pedal was an old Sonor pedal where the footboard was all sloppy, the spring was like 20 years old but I managed to play on it and today I can say I don't regret I didn't buy a new pedal.

I'm not sure if a cheap pedal will limit your abilities, I sometimes have the feeling when i played live that the crappy premier whatever pedal works better than an expensive DW 5000 pedal or pearl pedal.

A new/different pedal will feel different so just check out some pedals and maybe you'll find a pedal for 50 bugs that you like more than a pedal for 500 bugs.
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