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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
That sounds like fun - enjoy!

He's a part-bred Dales. If you aren't familiar with native British ponies, Dales are usually black but Charlie's dad is blue roan. His mum is a coloured logging pony, and he was bred (so I'm told) to make a nice-looking, well-made little horse with a very laid-back attitude. Seems to have worked. He has a very typical Dales head, neat and delicate with a white stripe.

Here's the rest of him, the day he arrived at mine last year. Doing what he does best :)
He sure is a good looking boy!

I can't claim to know much about British ponies. My family does mostly Arabians but have had a few Appaloosas and even a Quarter Horse. I really like horses, but my allergies act up if I even get too close.
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