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Default Re: can a better pedal improve my technique?

Well, the answer will always be, "maybe". The Tama low-end pedals aren't bad, and they function as they should. I myself play Tama Iron Cobra Juniors because I like the simplicity and like the pedal plate on the bottom. If I take the plate off, it becomes the low-end Tama pedal you're probably using.

And the thing is, if you got the same kind of pedal from anyone else (DW, Pearl, Yamaha, etc.,...) it's not going to feel too different. You'll get a different feeling from Axis, Trick, or the Sonor Jojo Meyer pedal I think. You could step up to a better pedal, like Tama's Iron Cobra - but to me they feel like my juniors with more adjustments I don't need. If anything, getting a better pedal will remove all doubt that the pedal is holding you back (mentally, anyway).

You should try an ancient Ludwig Speed King - I started out on one of those and it feels significantly different than everything else. But when I left that pedal and went to a DW5000 I suddenly felt like I could fly ;) Good luck in your quest!
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