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Default Can a better pedal improve my technique?

Hi. I've been reading about improving bass pedal technique and I hear people say stuff like (paraphrase) "it doesn't matter how good your pedal/equipment, if you don't have the skill to use it". I have a crappy low-end tama swingstar(not the good 80s swingstar) and stock hi-hat and bass pedals and my right foot is not progressing as fast as I'd like it to. Now grant it, I haven't put in the hours of learning how to get complicated mult-strokes out of the pedal but when I do practice on it, it feels really awkward and cumbersome. Am I feeling this solely because I'm a noob drummer or can a crappy pedal contribute to this? In other words if I upgrade my pedal will it help improvement of my technique?

P.S. I'm not John Bonham but I want to "acquire" his right foot. :(
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