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Default Re: Black coated heads...

Originally Posted by JesusMySavior View Post
Please let us know if the head starts showing stick marks. Post pics if you can! Thanks!
It ended up being a ridiculously busy weekend, and I didn't have a chance to sit behind the kit at all... I banged on the new head a bit, but only for a few minutes. I'm hoping to sit down with it today or tomorrow and really give it a run through. I'll take some pics and post when I get a chance to play!

Edit: Finally found some time this afternoon to bang on the kit. This is after about 30 minutes of banging through half a dozen songs. The black has turned into a kinda ugly grey, but that doesn't bother me much. What I'm more impressed with is the sound. It's exactly what I wanted, minimal ringing, a wee bit of overtone, and still lots of bark. I like the dark side, but I think I'm gonna go back to the light after this one wears out...
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