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Default Re: Better after a drink??

Originally Posted by John T View Post
I saw Van Halen in 79 when VH II was released.....The most awful gig ever from a playing point of view....They staggered on stage, clearly drunk and continued drinking through the whole show. They were sloppy at best but the atmosphere was incredible, the crowd loved every minute and VH had the time of their lives!
They winged it somehow and as it was their first world tour as headliners it was a constant party for them.
Exuberance and excess were the order of the day for a lot of bands of the genre. Many more fell fowl of their hedonistic antics and caused on stage train wrecks and worse.
Exactly. Some bands are all about rocking out and partying, where the musicians are basically the hedonistic ringleaders of the big party they host every time they gig.

It's completely different to playing a formal show where everything needs to be spot on for the magic to happen.

Also, there's a sweet spot with booze or whatever that can get you playing better - where you suddenly find yourself with a nice mix of focus and relaxation (something I find especially nice, being ADD). Often when we're affected by booze or whatever we think the music's sounding great and it's rally just sloppy. Still, it's not always an illusion. Sometimes you really do play better and the recordings corroborate that fact.

Trouble is, we don't understand the mechanics of how it works; we just know that if we imbibe before playing it may help, but often it makes little difference or it hinders.


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