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Default Re: Roland V-Drums - Opinions?

I own both an acoustic and a TD-20. If I go long stretches only playing the TD-20, the transition back to acoustic lakes longer...i.e., my movement around the kit is a little slower, sloppier. I have found that if I play at least a couple times a week on the acoustic, there is very little dropoff, but if I go for weeks without hitting the acoustic, my chops suffer.

Having said that, to me the greatest advantage with the e-kit is being able to play whenever I want. I usually use that time to work on independence exercises or to learn songs. Both of those things transfer nicely to the acoustic and allow me to progress each week.

Finally, when I know I can't get to the acoustic kit on a regular basis, I'll use a moongel practice pad for rudiments. That ensures very little drop off moving back to the a-kit. Highly recommend the moongel.....
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