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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello there! Pleased to meet you all!

Real name: Liam
Age: 23
How long have you been playing: 11 Years I think
Origin of user name: Derived from possibly drunken ramblings with my brother.
Your top 5 drummers:Theres always so much to learn from any drummer! But I'd have to put Buddy at the top.
Make of drumkit: Gretsch Catalina Club. 1960s emerald green Gretsch. 1970s blue oyster Luddy, and a 1980s Yamaha recording custom.
Make of cymbal: Zildjian
Where do you practice: Anywhere theres a table.
Are you in a band: I play for a local function band called Salty Hog, and Antimatter, who are signed to a german record label.
Do you play covers or originals: Salty Hog - both, Antimatter - originals.
What style of music: Antimatter have been described as 'Melancholic rock' and 'UK kings of all that is depressive' get the idea.
Favourite take out food: pizza
What country do you live in: Wales
One really odd fact about yourself: I wear white gloves when I'm handling my gear.
How did you start drumming: I always wanted to be able to play an instrument, but was terrible at everything I tried. I wasn't far off terrible when I first started drumming, but I enjoyed it so much more than the other instruments!
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