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Default Re: Calling All Bad Back Drummers: Ergokinetic Thrones

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
As far as carrying the seat tops of thrones around...I agree they are klunky to move around. What I do is tie a loop of some thin but strong braided cord to it. I backed some screws and washers out and tied the cord around the screws and tightened it back down. That allows you to carry your throne top with just one finger. Plus it's free, basically. Just make the loop so it doesn't extend past the seat edge or less, you don't need too much. It makes life so much easier. Like Gatzen says, it's the little things that make a big difference. Or something like that.
Larry, you're a genius. I was lugging my kit the other day, and didn't bring my Tama 1st chair for the exact reason of it being too awkward to carry around. I was lamenting not having got a bag for it, and was trying to stuff it into my hardware bag without any luck. I'm gonna go strap a piece of cord to it tomorrow! I love little "hacks" like that. I recently bought a couple of Neodymium Magnets (rare earth magnets) and use them for holding set lists attached to cymbal stands, and a small LED light pointed down at my pedals when the lights are off..... A little off topic, I know, but just felt like sharing.
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