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Default Re: If you were my teacher ...

If I was your teacher I would not run you through Swiss Triplets.

As your teacher the best thing I could do for your playing would be to sack myself so you could hook up with a teacher who has formally studied music and/or done more in the industry than quirky cottage industry music of no interest to most people.

I don't tend to eat fluffy cakes with pink icing either. For cheesecake, however, I could be persuaded to ditch my morals and even give you woo woo garage drumming lessons, if that's what you'd prefer ;) "Hey there, new student! Okay, let's run through Seven Nation Army and see what you got ... oh, and do you still have any of that cheesecake around. Oh good! Okay, I found it. Ta. Don't stop playing - you're doing well. Mmmm. Very nice. Great icing. Keep playing, don't stop. Mmmm mmm ... keep playing, continuity is critical ..." *munch munch*


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