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Default Re: Snares that I've had and let go (Lot's of pics)

Originally Posted by skunkendilly View Post
If you could have just one back which would it be?
I have a Pork Pie like you had and that is the one for me. Not that I have let mine go.
If I could go back an get just one, it would probably be he Pork Pie Patina 7x13... first. That drum has a unique character and tone. I am already thinking of adding that one back.

I also miss the 7x13 Gretsch Catalina Club. It isn't a "high end" drum by any means, but it always had a great sound and was very versatile. People always thought it was a much higher end drum than it was. I have a 7x13 Gretsch Retro Mahogany (basically the same thing) on layaway for a good price to get it back in the lineup.

I also loved that Ludwig Epic Birch "Brick" and I'm gonna add that one back as well. i loved the pop and projection that one had for a wood snare, while keeping a nice woody tone. I used to crank the bottom and go mid-range on the top. It sounded so meaty and strong like that. I let it go in a trade. All 3 of those can be added back at pretty good prices so they eventually will come back into the fold.

A lot of the higher end ones don't linger on my mind too much. My only 2 wood snares in my lineup now are a 7x13 Ddrum Ash and a 6.5x14 Gretsch Retro Mahogany and I like them both better than any of the wooden snares I used to have, except the Epic Birch and the 7x13 Gretsch. The maple snares I used to have, just didn't really do it for me.
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