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I'm gonna be refinishing my drum kit and had a quick couple questions.
After some unfortunate problems my kit lost what little value it had. I brought the wrong snare to a grindcore session, and busted a lug on the snare it came with, cause I was an idiot and cranked it to high, plus the wrap is bubbling on the kick.
When I took the kicks front head off to change the muffling to a felt strip, it was also peeling.
Its just a well loved ocdp venice that was a display kit at guitar center. But I love the tone and want to save it.

If the basswood looks good underneath the wrap I want to lacquer it, if not paint.

I have heard good and bad for staining basswood, I know it needs a sealer first, but I would like to know peoples opinions and experience first.

Also, a dark bronze or black krylon hammered paint looks like it would be cool, anyone have experience with that?

This thread looked like a good place to start. Thanks in advance!
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